Why you should get a Unicorn Onesie?

Why you should get a Unicorn Onesie?

When we think pajamas, we often see an oversized tee-shirt and/or some old training pants we don't feel like wearing at the gym anymore. The point is, we expect the outfit we wear to sleep to be comfortable... Well, have you heard about Unicorn Onesies?

Obviously, if you like to feel sexy in your silk nightie when diving into your bed, Unicorn Onesies may not be the number one option (although you could argue, there is something appealing about onesies). 

The great thing about onesies is that they are versatile garments. Pajamas, costume party, a quick run to do the groceries? A onesie is always the answer. The key word here is comfortable

When the end of the day (or the week) comes, our body and mind need to rest, we need a moment for ourselves, and the fact is that the clothes we wear help us achieve that. 

Unicorn Onesie or the perfect pajamas

If you've already tried a onesie, you know that great feeling when you finish zipping it. Unicorn Onesies offer the same satisfaction. The zip, the hood, they also have it, but they feature something extra: a horn! This small detail offers a stylish advantage over regular onesies

It's no surprise if unicorns have recently been put forward by fashion designers. They refer to happiness and the thoughtlessness of childhood. Ideal for a relaxing moment isn't it? But wearing a unicorn onesie is about more than featuring this legendary animal: it is about becoming a unicorn!

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What makes unicorn onesies a great costume?

Your friend just invited to a party, everyone is going to be there, you have a lot of things to celebrate BUT... it's a costume party. What was at first great news, is becoming a nightmare because of one simple question: "what am I going to wear?". Well, the unicorn onesie is the answer to your problem. Easy to put on, comfortable and festive, our onesies will perfectly fit any costume party. We offer a large array of colors and details on our onesies.

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Can you go out with a unicorn onesie?

This is a question we get a lot? And our answer is YES! First of all, you are the only one who should decide what to wear and furthermore, you should not dress up for the others. Wear what you feel like wearing.

As we said before, it is about being comfortable in your outfit. And because we do understand that sometimes you want to be lowkey when doing your groceries, rest assure, we offer more subtle unicorn onesies in our collection.