Why do children love unicorn toys?

Why do children love unicorn toys?

Toys, teddy bears, plush toys, plushies... so many words for your little one's best friend! We all know how important a doll is to a child; but have you ever wondered why unicorn toys are so popular among children?

The plush toy as a transition

According to English paediatrician and psychoanalyst, Donald Woods Winnicott, it is usually around 8 months old that babies start to really connect with their toys. You're probably wondering why. The answer is actually pretty simple: it is around that age that babies slowly grow away from their mother. In other words, the baby opens to the idea that she or he is her or his own person.  

The doll will then become the link between the child's primal relationship with his parents and the rest of the world. That is why a toy is now able to soothe most of your kid's anxieties (nightmare, separation, etc.). In the eyes of the child, it is the closest thing to the parents as it is always around and comforting.

But there is more behind the appeal of plush toys to children. A toy directly connects to a child's imagination by helping her or him to create a distinct world they control entirely... A crucial moment in the development of a child. 

Finally, plush toys also act as references for your little ones: they help them identify things of the outside and this is particularly true when it comes to animal plush toys

girl unicorn toy


The unicorn toy, more than a simple animal

As mentioned before, animal plush toys take a very important part of a child's personal development. This is because animals are also very good way to help children understand the need to care for others. Very early, children will realise than being the owner of an animal includes great responsibilities. 

Thanks to their overflowing imagination, children are able to show the exact same affection to their toys. Therefore the relationship between the animal toy you bought and your child will be the exact same that you have with your pet.

Chances are that you do not own a unicorn in your garden (but if you do, please send us some photos). So for a child, owning a unicorn toy is a bit of a doubleheader.  

A unicorn will easily find its place in a child's mind (we are not saying that unicorns are not real) and the fact that it is an animal is even more beneficial to the development of your child. 

Where to stand as a parent?

It is obviously important to allow your child to build her or his world. Therefore you should respect the relationship between them: do not try to push your little one away from the toy and show that you also care about it. 

After all, you could also use a unicorn in your life...