Unicorns posed for a calendar

Unicorns posed for a calendar

Cricket players, AFL players, firemen... So many professions tried their hands at modeling for calendars. Unicorns couldn't miss the opportunity. Discover the calendar 100% Unicorn!

You dreamt about it, Danish artist and author Kiri Østergaard Leonard made it!  The perfect calendar. 2018 was the year of the Unicorn. Every month is represented by an original illustration of a unicorn.

Kiri Østergaard Leonard made this 12-months full-color illustrated calendar thanks to the generous participation of unicorn lovers all around the world on a crowdfunding platform. 

If you've never heard of this amazing artist, go check her work here. You will be amazed by her talent and the universe she created. Her illustrations are appealing to children and adults. 


February - Unicorns at the mountains, ready for a month full of skiing and snowball fights