Unicorns and Where to Find Them?

Unicorns and Where to Find Them?

Millions of years ago, way before humans populate the surface of Earth, Unicorns could easily be found all around the world among all the other animals. But centuries of wars, pollution and children's bad behavior have forced unicorns to hide so that some people actually believe they do not exist (poor them). Like millions of people you're probably wondering where to find a unicorn around you, well, you are at the right place...

The Unicorns' History

When it comes to studying unicorns, scientists from all countries agree on one thing: they have been around for millions of years, way before we, humans, showed up. The easiest proof is that for as long as humanity existed, we have talked, written and even drawn about unicorns. 

Cavemen drawings reveal the existence of unicorns centuries ago

Cavemen's drawings already revealed the existence of unicorns. 

Texts from all around the world, written in different languages, cultures that had no connection in that time already mentioned "a fast and reckless animal able to cure most of our ills". But over time, there were less and less documents about the precious animal. Unicorns obviously were in threat of extinction... or maybe did they just start hiding away from humans.

Unicorns' characteristics

Listing all the reasons why unicorns are amazing would probably take too long. And if you made it this far in this article, chances are you already know a lot of them. But Unicornia made a selection for you.

  • They are unicorns. Yeah, that can seem trivial or stupid, but the simple fact that they exist is pretty amazing to us. 
  • They can fly! You've probably seen dozens of unicorn drawings or coloring pages representing our favorite animal with wings. According to distinguished scientists defending the Theory of Evolution, Unicorns are a natural evolution of Angels and kept the celestial beings' ability to fly.
  • Unicorns come in all colors and shapes. Just like humans, Unicorns look different depending on where they live. Some have a white coat, some pink, blue, etc. But their coat isn't the only way to differentiate them: unicorns also have different morphologies. Reports from all around the world report adult-horse size unicorns as well as tiny creatures. Which brings us to the next point.
  • They do not age. Unicorns are immortal, so they are no adult or foal unicorns. Therefore, even if you see a mini-unicorn, it doesn't mean it is a foal, it is most likely very old. 
  • You know how cows' poop and farts produce methane which is a big contributor to the greenhouse effect (therefore Global Warming)? Well, you don't have to worry about Unicorns' discharges. The only thing they can physically create is a rainbow!!!! 

Unicornia - Rainbow and Unicorns

Rainbows have always been associated with unicorns.


  • They can cure our deepest sorrow. There is something about unicorns that can make you feel better. Heartbreak, fear, name it, unicorns will make your pain go away.

Why did Unicorns decide to hide?

As mentioned earlier, unicorns used to populate the surface of Earth freely and in time have appeared less and less to the human eye. You are probably wondering what happened and why they made the choice to hide from us? Here are some answers... 

Unicorns are known to cure humans sorrow and pain. This beautiful and smart animal doesn't wait to be asked before helping those in need. And if unicorns have never been work-shy, the fact is that the amount of work we, humans, have given them over the centuries of our history has exponentially increased. Wars are the principal factor. Over the centuries humanity has made war rage on Earth creating always more pain and sorrow, thus giving more work to unicorns. So if they used to have time to peacefully graze around us, unicorns simply don't have time anymore. They are constantly busy helping those whose hearts are in pain.

Just like angels (from which they got their wings), Unicorns only appear to and assist those who deserve it. So your behavior could be one of the reasons you're yet to see a unicorn! This is especially true for children. Failing to listen to their parents, refuse to study, talk back to adults, using bad words, lie and fight, all the more reasons for unicorns to stay away. You are now warned!

When is the best time to spot unicorns?

You've heard it, you've read it... Unicorns are very often associated with rainbows. Eminent unicornologists agree that the correlation between unicorns and rainbow make them most likely to appear after a shower (the rain). When the downpour has passed and that the sun timidly rises, rainbows usually form. Unicorns, generally, are not far away.  

Even though they have been observed throughout the whole year, unicorns are easier (but not that easy) to spot during Spring season. Just like an omen, unicorns announce the forthcoming arrival of Summer, our favorite season!

Where to spot unicorns?

This is the part you've been waiting for all along. Find a place where to spend your next vacation in the company of your favorite animal: unicorns. 

The world is a vast place and the author of this article, although a traveling enthusiast, is yet to see the whole globe. Therefore, we will only list the best spots in our country: Australia

Australia is actually one of the countries that count the most unicorns in the world! No surprise actually, isn't it also the country that counts the most unique animals? Deadly spiders, sleepy koalas, reckless kangaroos, hungry crocodiles... you name it! Australia has it all when it comes to rare creatures. Victoria is the best state to go unicorn-seeing. According to unicornologist, it has something to do with the weather there... after all doesn't one say that "Melbourne offers four seasons in one day"? Think about it: a fast succession of rain and blazing sun... hence the rainbows (or should we say hence the unicorns).

There! You have it! The best place where to see unicorns, the state of Victoria. Now I know what you're thinking: "It's a big place! Where should I go exactly?". Well if you remember, we stated earlier in the article that unicorns appear to those in need. So find someone who needs help, genuinely give that person a hand (before a unicorn shows up to do it) and... voilà!

But now that you have helped, maybe the unicorn doesn't need to show up anymore... or maybe that makes you a unicorn. Who knows?