The First Unicorn Onesie

The First Unicorn Onesie

You just bought a beautiful Unicorn Onesie, you're happy with it, but should anyone ask you what is the history of this unique piece, would you be able to answer them? 

Unicorn onesie, jumpsuit, kigurumi... these three words actually represent the same piece of clothing. If you've already heard the first two, you may not be familiar with the last one: kigurumi. Now that you've tried to pronounce this word without stuttering, you probably guessed it comes straight from our Japanese friends.

The word could be translated as follow: "costume" or in a more specific context "cosplay costume". We all know how the Japanese culture fond of cosplay and even though it reached the world around 2010 thanks to the Kigu Company, the Land of the Rising Sun has seen the garment evolve from costume to trendy piece of street fashion. 

We all remember Miley Cyrus in her Unicorn Onesie 


So if the Kigurumi has been around in Japan for a long time, where does the Unicorn Onesie comes from? 

The Unicorn Onesie, a film costume

Most of you (and the author of this blog also) are probably too young to remember (or even having heard) this but in 1982, ITC Entertainment produced a Japanese-American animated film called The Last Unicorn. 

Here is the trailer 

If you are not convinced, you should know that  Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, and Christopher Lee gave their voices to the characters. Yeah, pretty nice casting, right? 

But back to our unicorns... The movie actually left its mark on the Japanese audience and a short time after its release date, the very first Unicorn Onesie could be found in dedicated shops.

You know the rest...