3 times Unicorns made History

3 times Unicorns made History

Even though the interest in Unicorns has been increasing these past years, our favorite animal has always been a hot topic through time and all over the world. 

Here is a list of 4 most memorable moments Unicorns changed the game.

1. Unicorns in the 16th Century

Have you ever heard of the Dürer's Rhinoceros? In 1515, a Portuguese explorer comes back to his home country from India. Only this time, he didn't bring back, spices, exotic food or any other consumable... He came back with an India Rhinoceros. You have to understand that at this time, Rhinoceros had not been seen in Europe for 12 centuries (or the end of the Roman Empire). If such an animal was mentioned in old books, the rhinoceros slowly became a mythical creature with time and people started spreading the word that a fantastic beast with a horn on the forehead reached Europe. 

You can already imagine the rest. The rhinoceros was mistaken for what was called a monoceros or Unicorn...

The Portuguese King sent it to the Pope as a gift, but the poor animal died in transit.

2. The unicorn as a national animal

Every country has its own national animal. But Scotland probably has the coolest national animal as the Unicorn has been representing the country since the 12th century. Scotland has always been fascinated by legends and William I (aka Willian the Lion) decided that Unicorns would now be featured on the country's coat of arms. 

scotland unicorn coat of arms


Unicorns have the reputation to be untamable, what better way to represent the people of Scotland. If you have a doubt, you should definitely watch Braveheart.

3. A unicorn's lair in Korea

North Korea isn't big on sharing with the World... and the official North Korean press agency doesn't make many global announcements. But in November 2012, the KCPA announced in a public statement that a Unicorn's lair was found close to the Yongmyong temple in Pyongyang. 

It wasn't a random unicorn but the one and only unicorn  King Tongmyŏng used to ride 21 centuries ago. 

Hard to believe there are any unicorns left in the country... they usually enjoy being free.