10 things you must do if you love Unicorns

10 things you must do if you love Unicorns

Today, on social media, more and more people define themselves as Unicorn Lovers in their bio. You're probably wondering why... The answer is obvious: Unicorns are simply the best. And like us, these people think, the world must know about our favorite creature's awesomeness. We are now living in an era of positiveness and optimism and we slowly learn (again) to love ourselves and others. Together we stand strong to say no to hatred, fear, doubt, and anything or anyone toxic.

Being around unicorns is enough to sprinkle some joy in our lives and just seeing one helps us remember great moments. 

If you haven't yet noticed how unicorns have become popular, it is not too late for you! If you are browsing Unicornia's website, chances are that you, a member of your family or a dear friend of yours is a Unicorn Lover. So because this website is all about sharing, we made the ultimate to-do list for those who, like us, think Unicorns rule!!!! 

1. Make videos dedicated to Unicorns

Unicorns are love. Love is sharing. And what's better to share than a video? Unicorn Love is a lifestyle and you won't have any trouble associating this wonderful creature to any theme that is important to you. Just go on YouTube, make a channel and let your inner Unicorn express itself. Be free, be happy! And if you don't know what to do, here is a good example: wear your most beautiful Unicorn Onesie and show us your best moves!

 2. Dream Big

It is difficult not to associate fantasy and unicorns. Often quoted in fairy tales and other magical stories, unicorns are a symbol of hope. There is no better representation of what we think is impossible. Whatever your age, sex and origins, you must keep dreaming and think about the things you can accomplish in your life. After all, would we still have a purpose in life if we stop dreaming about things to achieve? 

3. Act

The Unicorn Lifestyle is not only about dreaming! We do not encourage recklessness but there is a time when you need to act. Dreams are like goals you must work to achieve. If you put your heart in it, who knows where you can go?

4. Be generous

Altruism is the greatest quality of a unicorn. So if you love them as much as you say, this is a trade you must share with them. But being generous is not only about giving what you have. It also means genuinely give yourself (or your possessions) without expecting anything in return. Being a helping hand to your friends, family, and people in need should be spontaneous. Your mission is to let people know that there is still Good in this World. Being generous requires humility and bravery.

5. Be original

Orginal should not be understood as eccentric. We are not telling you to contact Lady Gaga's personal fashion stylist to flip your wardrobe (although you could get some very neat ideas). Unicorns are so rare that each of them is unique. A unicorn lover must then be its own person. Be true to yourself and don't ever forget your principles just to fit. Blindly copying what others do without questioning their actions is usually a recipe for disaster.

6. Be respectful

At Unicornia, we're all about Love! And you cannot define yourself as a Unicorn Lover if respect isn't one of your best qualities. There is a reason why Unicorns are associated with rainbows. Rainbows are a symbol of unity, solidarity, and diversity. So, it is quite obvious why so many organizations use rainbows as a symbol to denounce discrimination and defend human rights.

7. Set your inner unicorn free

 It is very good to have a unicorn's heart, it is great to have a unicorn's mind... But having a unicorn's wardrobe is simply the best! Don't be shy when you choose tomorrow's outfit. Unicorn apparel and unicorn costumes are now flooding the fashion market. Missing on the opportunity to feature a unicorn on your clothes is widely considered as a fashion faux-pas around here... Happiness and style will always surround those who embrace their love for unicorns. 

8. Keep your childhood's spirit

Many psychiatrists and psychologists argue that keeping your childhood's spirit is a very good way to slow down aging. So instead of worrying about superficial things, why not focus on what can truly make happy and seize the day? Live in the moment! There are so many small things that can lift your spirit up. Do them, do yourself this favor. Don't get me wrong: keeping your inner child is in no case abandoning all sense of responsibility, it is actually about learning to distance yourself from the cynical perspective we acquire when we grow up.

9. Change your lifestyle

You've changed your mind and your appearance? Great! Now, how about your environment? Unicorns move in packs and like to be surrounded by their peers. But it's not only about the people around you. Your house, your bedroom, they must show that you are a Unicorn! Using unicorn accessories or unicorn decoration is one way of doing it but keeping close trinkets and objects to help you feel better when you are not feeling well is the best solution. It can be pictures of your family members, memories made with friends... Whatever puts a bright smile on your face.

10. Be creative

Being creative is about finding solutions to all the little hassles in our lives and not letting them put us down. Being inspired by your problems will without a doubt bring you closer to the ultimate Unicorn Lover thinking. Learn to transform a small sheet of paper in large wings and lift yourself up.


It is never too late to get closer to your inner unicorn. Child or adult, you can become the perfect Unicorn Lover by making small changes in your life.

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